Jetset Europe: A navy breeze in Tallinn

By Tallinn Brûlé

When my personal assistant mistakenly booked my flight to Tallinn instead of Tokyo earlier this month, I let her go without a second thought, but kept the ticket. Although it’s high time that I go for a shave in Japan (a proper 40-minute treatment involving numerous hot towels), EYP Estonia’s summer session piqued my curiosity. The green-tech feel of Skype’s birthplace had me hooked, but it was the unfulfilled potential of sophisticated, well-traveled delegates that reeled me in.

Today’s 20-somethings own an absurd amount of blazers that aren’t navy – I’m a strong believer in acts of human kindness, and an even stronger believer in tropical-weight wool (courtesy of Boglioli, my choice for the Tallinn flight).

There will never be enough black beluga caviar to compensate for post-Soviet airports, but Estonia’s Scandinavian touch softened my dread for Tallinn Lennart Meri International. A tacky fish tank complements snowflake-inspired wallpaper, and thus I resorted to observing fellow travellers while waiting for a cab (speaking of which: reliable and friendly, but don’t expect a leather interior). One delegate – no, his luggage – caught my attention: a flawlessly crafted Porter that poses as a weekender but has the capacity for weeks of globetrotting (not to mention that it is flush to an Embraer’s overhead compartment; London-Geneva has never been more convenient). Nothing reveals how well you travel like a modestly sized suitcase: let laundry service do the rest.

As I thought to myself earlier this week in Changi: if there’s one thing that European youth can accomplish, it’s packing their potential.

2 Responses to Jetset Europe: A navy breeze in Tallinn
  1. Georg Meier

    This is pure brilliance! I read it twice… Will there be more of these?

  2. Tallinn Media

    Of course! Can you wait for tomorrow’s Journal? In the meantime, you can ask Tallinn Brûlé any question you want.


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