LXX Magazine ǀ Issue 3

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Are all the European anthems worth listening?
By Aida Grishaj (AL)

Do we mean what we say?
“ To arms, citizens,
From your battalions,
let’s march, let’s march!
Let an impure blood
Water our furrows!”

These are some of the verses of the Marseillaise, the song that the French sing at every Olympiad, at every important political meeting, in events that promote peace, harmony and tolerance. National anthems are about to loose their importance in all parts of the continent. For instance, the Swedish would prefer singing “Mamma Mia”, the legendary song by ABBA instead of their official anthem. The declining significance aside, it is interesting to analyse the content of the anthems that represent the European states. Here is a classification according to the message conveyed and the object praised.
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To go or not to go online?

By Jan Nedvidek (CZ)

It is not a surprise that a country so fond of IT as Estonia decided to introduce remote online voting first in the world. The question of whether or not online voting is fit for democracy in the 21st century seems to be answered in Estonia, but is it the case in the rest of the world?
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EYP addiction

By Aida Grishaj (AL) & Erdem Osman Topçu (TR)

The love and passion we feel for different people and things are essentially chemical processes and are sometimes difficult to oppose by pure reason. Luckily for us though, the heart is many cases not the only driving force for our actions. We are rational beings, we think and we judge. However, there are certain things, habits or people that reduce our capacity to have a critical approach towards them. This does not happen because they are stronger and we are weaker – once again, chemistry can be blamed.
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