LXX Daily ǀ Journal 6

Jetset Europe: Red Herring

By Tallinn Brûlé

Yesterday I was enjoying a late breakfast (a herring, smoked salmon and caviar trifecta) on the Meriton terrace with a panoramic view of Tallinn, when a stream of youngsters disturbed my calm.

Noisy crowds look much better on the cover of a broadsheet (particularly when they’re trampling an authoritarian regime), but this assemblage was bearable. Some wore their high street suits less noticeably than others, bow ties were rife and the pearls were imitation, but I kept looking and listening.
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Talent of the Day: High Flying Hugo

Tallinn’s talent of the day reveals the outstanding abilities of one Mr. Hugo Hoyland.
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Jetset Europe: Laundry lines and fast lanes

By Tallinn Brûlé

On the JAL long haul back from Kansai International Airport, my magazine tote was feeling a bit thin. I seized the opportunity to get back to some of the JetSet summer FAQs I was flooded with – thank goodness that there’s a word limit.
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LXX Daily ǀ Journal 5

Hippies, chickens and a bonfire

By Elisa Martinelli (IT)

From Guns ‘n’ Roses to Kiss, the music heated the dance floor. It was supposed to be a unique party and it more than met that expectation. Unconventional music and a nice building in the middle of a yard created the core of this unforgettable event. Inside the carpets and comfortable sofas were disposed around creating a cosy atmosphere while in the open air some chickens were freely wandering on the grass.
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LXX Daily ǀ Journal 4

The silence of the chair

By Nives Kaprocki (RS)

Session’s Vice-president and EMPL I chair Andris Šuvajevs, decided to spend the whole second day of the committee work mute. The reason for doing so was to raise awareness about the fact that we are unable to communicate and work with people who have some sort of disability simply because we have not developed the means for it. He did not intend to target specifically mute people, but people with any sort of com- munication-hindering disability.
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Talent of the Day: Snake Fingers

Tallinn Media Team Journalists get hypnotised by Dutch Delegate Henok (LIBE II) and his Snake fingers.
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Jetset Europe: A tasteful final touch

By Tallinn Brûlé

Generally speaking, I avoid sultry summer brunches, and have turned down many an Estonian garden get-together. Enjoyable as they may seem, nothing makes me cringe like sweat stained Oxford shirts; pale azure should be left crisp and dry (when Schiesser undershirts don’t do the trick, just stay home).
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